Monday, December 9, 2019

Poets in Love

Poets always think

they if they meet just

the right poet

they'll fall in love

Words will fail them

--that is what they think will be

the first sign--

then return 

coming back like

Dante's poetry

like Shakespeare’s play

on paper smooth

as a map to a lost city of gold

--Oh, and with confetti fireworks

made of flower petals

or Lottery tickets


They think that the meeting

of two poetic minds

could somehow tie

a ribbon rainbow around the world

and the words from so much

pure charity will bring

peace to mankind from

them merely being

written, golden

letters on a red leaf

or a lip pencil

on a napkin from

Homer's diner--


Two poets in love

might solve homelessness

or at least hunger


forever because

with that much love

in the universe

everyone could 

feast on words alone.


What poets don't know

is that we are just

made of bits of nothing

much. We are just

tissue paper, we are just

tears, we are just watering cans

with the cares of the

universe pouring

out of our heads onto

paper and decimals


are the tears. What

they don't know is that

we are only here

to wash away the dust

from in between the cracks

of the universe the cracks in

between the notes of songs


so that they sound like

music from in between

the hands of children

who jump in the 

key of G and laugh

like the strumming of the

a guitar that is tuning up

for love.


And we poets

are merely the

rests in a song that

everyone else thinks

they are singing


the empty space

between the notes.

Thanks to 365 Day poetry FB group which accepted this poem for publication! 

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