Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Would Dorothy Do



So I've always wanted–not the shoes–

from the Wicked Witch of the East

Silver or red makes no difference

they look uncomfortable

No. But I would like the tights.


Striped tights would

mean I was magical

that I wake up after dark

that I could project myself into

visions, write in the sky with smoke.


But usually, I don't think about that

I think about Dorothy.

What would Dorothy do?


She makes a plan, starts on a path

–really any path that might be

right without too much–

I can generously call it–

fact. And then she invites.


She invites someone

to come along beside her. Doesn't matter

what kind of person. Animal,

Vegetable, Mineral. She loves

them all. Their fears, she feels them.

Their wants, she wants them.



Maybe when you grow up in a flat

grey world without a friend

then you find a place where everyone

wants to tell you their story


and for the first time, people are listening

and for the first time, people are waiting

for you to answer and you know

you know you don’t have all the answers,

so you simply say...Come with.

This final revised 2020 version first appeared on my blog in December 2019 and then in my book Puss 'N Bo├Âtes: Dark Poems 2020 and was featured on the radio KKFi  Art Speak radio for National Poetry Month the same day as Richard Blanco! Click to hear the podcast of the live show.

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