Saturday, November 16, 2019


Librarians are their own unique animal

The women saunter in high heels or flats
like so many tigers the ink running

over their hides to camouflage
the fact that
are quick

burning a wick as fast as their pages will carry
them-- away from
their presents

away from their unstory

wrapped in so many sunrises
stamped with eyes that never closed
at night

they chew on suspense
night hunters
--never looking at the dreary
stars in the jet blue sky
but only black letters
S's that wriggle like
snakes to become
story they hunt under
new moons as noir
as a Nancy.


Librarians are their own unique animal
because after the soft ivory page turns
whispering in the night
they return to the library
and open its jaw, welcoming

This will be published in the 365 Day poetry Journal from KC this year in 2020. I wrote this while at the library at a convention. It's meant as a compliment really at their strength and power to bring literature to people and to bring people together and as a bit of making fun and empathy towards my former self who could not stop reading day and night but wanted to go out and live more-- and didn't at first. I think poetry is one way of doing that-- living more; giving back. Rather than consuming books night after night, it's also writing, sharing giving back-- a good way for a bibliophile to become something more than a consumer! 

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