Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Little violet handkerchief folded on the ground, 

too shy to even show your face. 

Je me souviens du bout courageux 

de ton menton votre épaule nue,

you’ll be brave again. Lift up your chin. 

Et voici ton visage timide obscure un mercredi doré 

pincé au bord de l’hiver. 

Just an ordinary day you’ll escape winter. 

Heart’s-Ease, I know you’ve come to ease my heart 

Je sais que tu es venu pour soulager mon coeur, 

so dark from the strange angle 

of the distant white globe dans notre ciel. 

Allons-y, let’s wake from our icy sleep together. 

The sun, dear light, has come to wake us. 

et rêve de nouvelles feuilles sur la terre noire. 

Little violet, la pluie c’est comme tes yeaux 

La terre, comme ta barbe 

the moss, plus verte que tout la monde 

Little violet, the rain it’s like your eyes 

The earth, like your beard 

The moss, more green than anything 

Je, comme l’aire, Je suis en plein milleu des arbres 

Je suis entre les arbres flottant derrière la brume 

I, like the air, I am between the trees 

floating behind the mist. 

Le printemps, elle chante. She sings and 

Je suis content. I am happy. Je me lève.

The above poems is being published in "The Very Edge" 2020, I had several poems I put together from a series of every day spring/lent poems I wrote in 2010, for my first once a day poetry blog. I always found it hard to wait for Spring, being a gardener. 


Little violet handkerchief folded on the ground,
too shy to even show your face.
I remember the brave tip of your chin over
your bare shoulder.  And here your timid visage
darkens a nipped golden Wednesday at the edge
of winter.

I know you've come to ease my heart, so
dry of all that is green, so dark from the strange
angle of the distant white globe in the sky.
To calm my sleep filled with the frost-ache,
and dreams of crackled leaves on black ground.

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