Sunday, February 28, 2010

Servants Songs

An old poem I published in my college journal.  It also was somehow published in a small collection in the early days of the internet on and a spoken word cd with music.  I still like it. I based this poem and its sequel on a mysterious phrase from a college course I took which included the book of Isaiah, called, "The Servant Songs."

Servants’ Songs

Listen to servants’ songs
And sing them out again.

Sweet melodies rise over soapy dishes
and fly through kitchen windows
to the wishing stars.

Some grow in gardens under hats,
and in sidewalk crevices
where men carry the paper home

Others float in mop water
like lily pads
and leap out wherever
janitors light windows golden at night.

Servants’ songs spring
from swing sets, laughing
choruses of tinkling ice cubes
from a thousand evening porches.

They rise into orange twilights
from fire escapes and
free themselves from clothespins
to soar over cities.

And those who capture them
let them go again.

Published in Minemingo Review, Grantham, Pennsylvania Ed: Vol. 10 # 2. 1999, VOL. 10 #2 1999


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