Friday, February 19, 2010

Jacob's Song

An old poem I wrote in 1999 is about one of the characters in history I could never relate to, Jacob. Jacob works very hard to steal his older brother's birthright.  I guess as a firstborn, I felt he was a little tricky.  Jacob and Isaac were always digging wells in a new land, even when their neighbors politely asked them to leave by filling in said wells.  As the oldest child, I never thought Jacob was fair to his older brother. But finally, Jacob and I are finally friends.  I think I can relate to trying to find a blessings and the strain of constantly wanting things to go beautifully well when life feels the opposite. His poem reminds me that in the spiritual life, you just have to keep digging 
no matter what happened to the first, 
second, and third wells.

Jacob’s Song
Searching for a place
I have a name
that’s not a curse--
a softer rock, a dream

Send me a ladder
Lift me on wings
Come down and take on human skin
We’ll see who’s stronger then!

I’ll wrestle you and pin you down,
grab your heel
I won’t let go
until you answer me

Oh God, if in wrestling
hope and blessing are pinned--
I’ll scratch and bite and
holler for a name of my own

I will fight.
I will not sit silent
I will scream
to be given a name 

Bless me too, Father 
Bless me

Bless your name forever


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